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Under the leadership of Akiş GYO and Akkök Holding, initiatives that offer solutions / products / services for retail and real estate technologies were called within the scope of the 'Innovate21st Investment and Acceleration Program' implemented by İdacapital.

9 finalists were chosen among more than 90 applications. While 3 startups out of these were entitled to receive investment, 5 startups had the opportunity to demo and test their products at the commercial real estate owned by Akiş REIT.

The initiatives of the program that are entitled to receive investment are determined by AKİŞ REIT in parallel with the 2020 targets; Pulpo AR working on augmented reality in the cosmetics industry; Park Palet and Navlungo, which serve as a market place in logistics and storage areas, were determined.

At the end of the program, US$450.000 of support was provided to the selected start-ups.


Akkök Holding:
“We Invest in the Future”

Founded in 1952 by the late Raif Dinçkök, Akkök Holding has 18 actively operating commercial and industrial companies, one of which is located abroad, and 18 manufacturing facilities engaged in different sectors. Globalization, international competition and integration process in the world economy have steered the Holding into certain sectors; the chemical, energy, and real estate sectors have been specified as the areas of focus.

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EnsurIng A Better World For Future GeneratIons
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